Panoramic view of Zadar, photo: V. Jakupović, courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board
Panoramic view of Zadar, photo: V. Jakupović, courtesy of the Zadar Tourist Board

⇒   For this conference, advanced registration is obligatory.

Registration includes lunches and coffee breaks, and the trip to Šibenik on Wednesday, 29 September.

Registration can be made only by credit card or bank transfer.

Please note that registration must be made in advance. Registration on the first day of the conference will not be possible.

The University of Zadar regulations require the online payment of registration fees prior to the start of the conference.


Registration details:


The registration fee for all the participants (except students) is 130€.

The price for students is reduced to 75€
( proof of University affiliation, such as copy of the student identity card, have to be sent to ).

For late registration, after 31 July, the price is 150€.

Registration gives access to:

  • the conference material and the book of abstracts;
  • from 27 to 30 September: coffee breaks and lunches served at the restaurant of the University of Zadar and a restaurant in Šibenik;
  • from 26 September to 1 October free access to the Archaeological Museum of Zadar and the Museum of Ancient Glass;
  • on 29 September: excursion to Šibenik (including visit to the Municipal Museum of Šibenik and the fortresses of Šibenik);
  • on 30 September: Gala Dinner.

Online Registration

  • To pay by credit card you will need your card information when you register;
  • You will be asked for additional details to help with conference organization, such as your arrival and departure dates and time, specific dietary requirements, or particular requirements you may have;
  • Do not fill the billing information if you are paying by credit card. Billing information is only required for participants supported by their universities, paying by purchase order;
  • Be careful to provide your status correctly, so that you are charged the correct amount. Refund will be slow in the case of error;
  • Choose ‘transfer’ if you want to pay by bank transfer.