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Please note that this program is provisional and could be modified.

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Posters and film will be announced soon.

Monday 22 October

(MUCEM, Marseille)


8h30-17h30 : Registration

9h30-10h00 : Welcome Speeches

  • François Chougnet, President, Mucem
  • Pierre Chiapetta, Vice President Research, Aix-Marseille University
  • Ghislaine Gibello, Regional Delegate, CNRS
  • Sophie Bouffier, Director MMSH
  • Jean-Christophe Sourisseau, Director CCJ

10h00-10h30 : Keynote

  • Patrice Pomey: The Centre Camille Julian: Fifty Years of Maritime and Nautical Archaeology


10h30-11h: Coffee Break


1.   Session: Open Sea, Closed Sea (11h-12h30, Chairwoman: Giulia BOETTO)


  • (11h-11h20) Francesco Tiboni: The western Mediterranean between the late Bronze Age and early Iron Age: the dawn of the local shipbuilding traditions.
  • (11h20- 11h35) André van Holk: Innovation, Institutions and Migration. Transfer of Technology in Dutch Shipbuilding (500 – 1700).
  • (11h35-11h55) Jim Hansson: Finding Scepter: Assessing European Influences in Early Swedish Shipbuilding and Evaluating New Excavation Techniques.
  • (11h55-12h15) Marine Jaouen, Andréa Poletto: Jeanne-Elisabeth, a Swedish Merchant Ship Lost on the French Mediterranean Coast in 1755. The Assembly of the Hull: Three Different Kinds of Architectural Traditions.
  • (12h15-12h30) Niklas Eriksson: Tracing Local and Inter-regional Shipbuilding Traditions from the Armed Vessel Bodekull, Built 1659-1661 and Sunk 1678.


12h30-14h30: Lunch Break


2.   Session: Open Sea, Closed Sea (14h30-16h, Chairman: André VAN HOLK)


  • Olivia Hulot, Eric Rieth, Marine Jaouen, Catherine Lavier, Sammy Bertoliatti, Pierre Poveda: The Wreck of a Small Coaster of the Earlier 17th-Century on the Foreshore of Brittany at Erquy Les Hôpitaux, France.
  • Ida Christine Jorgensen: Danish 18th-century Shipbuilding: A National Trade in a Transnational Perspective.
  • Morgan Breene: From Jonah to Jack Tar: The Integration of Whaleboats into the British Royal Navy.
  • Hristomir Hristov: The Beginning of Modern Bulgarian Shipbuilding (1878 – 1908): Local and Inter-regional Traditions.
  • Constantinos Nicolaou: Wooden Shipbuilding in Cyprus from the Late-19th to the Mid-20th Century: Significance, Problems, and Protection.


16h-16h30: Coffee Break


3.   Session: Ship Construction (16h30-18h, Chairman: Çemal PULAK)


  • Ufuk Koçabaş, Isil Özsait-Koçabaş: Hull Characteristics of the Galley Yenikapı 16.
  • Evren Turkmenoglu: A Group of Early Medieval Ships without Planking Edge Fasteners from the Theodosian Harbour.
  • Xavier Corré: The hopper barges of Marseilles.
  • Irena Radić rossi, Mauro Bondioli, Mariangela Nicolardi : Building a Venetian Merchantman: The Case of Gagliana Grossa (Venezia, 1567 – Gnalić, 1583).
  • Arnaud Cazenave de la Roche: 16th-Century Mediterranean Shipbuilding:
    The Contribution of the Mortella III Shipwreck.


Tuesday 23 October

(MDAA, Arles)


9h-10h30: Bus Transfer from Marseilles to Arles


10h30-11h:  Welcome Speeches MDAA museum


  • Claude Sintés, Director MDAA
  • Sabrina Marlier: The Nautical Collection of the Musée Départemental Arles antique.


4.    Session: Ship construction (11h-12h30, Chairman: Eric RIETH)


  • Marc Guyon, Laure Meunier: Different Kinds of Repairs and Maintenance of a Shipwreck from the 2nd Century AD: The Lyon Saint-Georges 4’s Barge.
  • Krunoslav Zubčić, Giulia Boetto, Anton Divić: A Roman Barge from the River
    Kupa at Kamensko (Croatia): Evidence of a Regional Shipbuilding Tradition of the Danube River Basin in Southeastern Europe.
  • Andrej Gaspari: Ships and Boats of the Late Prehistoric and Roman Nauportus: Transfer and Innovation in Shipbuilding Technologies on the Northern Fringes of the Mediterranean (2nd Century BC – 1st Century AD).
  • Gil Gambash: Transition from Shell to Skeleton in Ancient Mediterranean Ship Construction: Political and Socio-Economic Background.
  • Paul Bloesch: Structurally Predominant Bottoms in Frame-first Construction. The Case of the Barque Du Léman.


12h30-14h30: Lunch Break


5.    Session: Ship Construction (16h30-18h, Chairman: Fred HOCKER)


  • Dmitry Kobaliia, Taras Pevny, Kseniia Yermolaieva: The Cossack Boat of 1737 As an Example of Shipbuilding in the First Half of the 18th Century.
  • Staffan Von Arbin: The Korshamn Wreck: A Nordic Clinker-Carvel ‘Hybrid’?
  • Wouter B. Waldus: The Cog, the Barge and the Punt.
  • Alice Overmeer: Frigate de Roompot Sunk in the Roompot Fairway. The Story of a Mid-19th-Century East Indiaman.
  • José Bettencourt, Gonçalo Lopes, Nigel Nayling, Cristóvão Fonseca, Tiago Silva, Patricia Carvalho, Inês Pinto Coelho: Boa Vista 1: Construction Details of an Early Modern Ship Discovered in Lisbon (Portugal).


18h15-19h30: Bus Transfer from Arles to Marseilles


Wednesday 24 October

(MUCEM, Marseille)


6.    Session: Recent Discoveries (9h-10h30, Chairwoman: Nergis GUNSENIN)


  • Carlos Cabrera Tejedor, Damian Robinson, Franck Goddio: Ship 11 from Thonis-Heracleion: Preliminary Notes on Hull Construction, Chronology and Function.
  • David Ruff, Irena Radić Rossi, Cemal Pulak, Nili Liphschitz: Excavation,
    Photogrammetry, and Reconstruction of a Roman Ship Scuttled at Trstenik, Gulf of Kaštela, Croatia.
  • Carlos De Juan: The Bou Ferrer Shipwreck Shipbuilding: A Big Vessel from the Early Roman Empire.
  • Alex Sabastia: The Grande Passe 1 Shipwreck (2nd Century BC, Hyères, France): New Data on Its Cargo, Nautical Equipment and Wooden Remains.
  • Marko Uhač, Ida Koncani Uhač, Vincent Dumas, Pierre Poveda, Giulia Boetto: The Late Antique Shipwreck of Debeljak, Croatia: Preliminary Observations on the Ship Structure.

10h30-11h: Coffee Break


7.   Session: Recent Discoveries (11h-12h30, Chairman:   Irena RADIC ROSSI)


  • Maayan Cohen, Michelle Creisher, Deborah Cvikel: The Ma‘agan Mikhael B Shipwreck, Israel.
  • Eric Rieth, Franca Cibecchini: The Paragan 1 Wreck, Corsica: A Post-medieval
    Mediterranean Coaster.
  • Mikkel Thomsen : The Kalverev Syd Shipwreck: A Recent Find of a Medieval Clinker-built Vessel.
  • Massimiliano Ditta, Jens Auer: The “Big Ship” of Wismar. A Well-preserved 12th-Century Cargo Vessel in the Harbour of Wismar.
  • Alexandra Grille: Large Clinker Ships in Northern and North-western Europe from the Late Middle Ages.


12h30-14h30: Lunch Break


8.   Session: Recent Discoveries (14h30-16h, Chairman: Thijs MAARLEVELD)


  • Tomasz Bednarz: A Recently Discovered Wreck With Double Planking in the Bay of Puck: Measuring, Recording and Positioning the Site With the Use of A 3D photogrammetric Model and a Multibeam Echosounder.
  • Wendy Van Duivenvoorde: Double Hull Planking in European Shipbuilding: No Longer a Dutch Exclusive.
  • Daniel Zwick: A Late 17th-century “Double Dutch” Construction in the North Frisian Wadden Sea: The Case of the Hörnum Odde Wreck on the Island of Sylt, Germany.
  • Jonas Enzmann, Fritz Jürgens, Feiko Wilkes: The Fahrdorf Wreck: Another Large 12th-Century Cargo Ship in the Schlei, Northern Germany.
  • Jens Auer: Two Ships Under Rocks. A Glimpse into Rural Shipbuilding in Western Pomerania.


16h-16h30: Coffee Break


9.   Session: Recent Discoveries: Black Sea (16h30-17h30, Chairwoman: Franca CIBECCHINI)


  • Jon Adams: Deep-Water Shipwrecks in the Black Sea: New Light on 2500 Years of Seafaring.
  • Julian Whitewright: Three Recently Discovered Roman Shipwrecks in the Black Sea.
  • Kroum Batcharov: A Byzantine-Period Merchant Ship from the Black Sea.



17h30-21H :  Speech of Michel L’Hour, Director of DRASSM.
(French Ministry of Culture’s Department for Underwater Archaeology), Reception and the Visit of the Research Vessel André Malraux.


Thursday 25 October

(MUCEM, Marseille)


10.   Session: Nautical Ethnography (9h-10h30, Chairman: Béat ARNOLD)


  • Douglas Inglis: Laced Construction Methods from the Third Dynasty Abusir Boat.
  • Alessandro Ghidoni: Sewn-plank Construction Techniques in the Western Indian Ocean: The Evidence from the Timbers of Al-Balīd, Oman.
  • Tom Vosmer: Plank sewing systems of the Indian Ocean: their efficacy, strength, durability and flexibility.
  • John Cooper, Chiara Zazzaro: Frameless Shell-based Construction on the Sudanese Nile: Recent Innovation and Ancient Tradition.
  • Eric Staples: A Sail in Verse: A Fifteenth-century Arabic Account of Sail-making in the Indian Ocean.


10h30-11h: Coffee Break


11.   Session: Nautical Ethnography (11h-12h30, Chairman: Chris WESTERDAHL)


  • Béat Arnold: Bark-canoes: Sewing and Ropes, Folding and Structural Rigidity
  • Benoit Bérard, Alexandra Biar: Native American Navigation in the Caribbean Basin: A Historical, Ethno-archaeological and Experimental Approach to the Caribbean-Guyanese Kanawa.
  • Shadi Kalantar, Sara Asadi: An Ethnological Survey of a Dhow Type Named
    Pakistani/Nakua Along Northern Coasts of Persian Gulf.
  • Julian J. Van Rensburg, Rita Kalindjian: The Lebanese Felucca in Anfeh and
    El-Mina, Tripoli: An Ethnographic Study of Form, Fit and Function.
  • Lucy Blue: In the Mind of the Boatbuilder: An Ethnographic Analysis of Maritime Archaeological Application of Knowledge to Conceptualizing Ancient Boats.


12h30-14h30: Lunch Break


12.   Session: Dendrology (14h30-16h, Chairman: Jerzy LITWIN)


  • Nigel Nayling, Ana Crespo Solana, Ignacio Garcia Gonzàlez: ForSEADiscovery: Forest Resources for Iberian Empires: Ecology and Globalization in the Age of Discovery: An Overview of Multidisciplinary, Historical, Archaeological and Dendro-provenance Results.
  • Maik-Jens Springmann: Ship Timber from the Baltic – Origin, Growing Circumstance, Availability, Exploitation and Usage.
  • Mike Belasus, Aoife Daly, Adolfo Miguel Martins: The Bremen Cog –
    Environmental Issues.
  • Frédéric Guibal, Alba Ferreira Dominguez, Giulia Boetto, Lisa Shindo, Sandra Greck, Patrice Pomey: An Overview of Three Decades of Dendrochronology Applied to Ancient Mediterranean Shipwrecks in SE France.
  • Marta Dominguez Delmas: Iberian Shipwrecks and Dendrochronology: Going Beyond Dating and ‘Provenancing’ Ship Timbers.


 16h-16h30: Coffee Break


13.   Session: Dendrology (16h30-17h30, Chairman: Nigel NAYLING)


  • Alba Ferreira Dominguez, Frédéric Guibal, Irena Radic Rossi, Giulia Boetto: Dendrology and Dendrochronology of Ancient Shipwrecks from Caska (Pag Island, Croatia): New Data for the Definition of Adriatic Shipbuilding Traditions.
  • Aoife Daly: Timber Supply for Vasa – New Discoveries.
  • Adolfo Miguel Martins, Ana Almeida, Ivone Magalhães, Filipe Castro, Nigel Nayling, Peter Groenendijk: Ship Timbers’ Parent Trees: Methods of Analysis for Ships and Woodlands.
  • Catherine Lavier: Representativity of Dendrological Data Capture on Shipwrecks: The Powers of Archaeodendrometry.


17h30-18h30: Next ISBSA Discussion


20H30: Gala Dinner at the Société Nautique de Marseille


Friday 26 October

(MUCEM, Marseille)


14.   Session: Experimental Archaeology (9h-10h30, Chairman: Pierre POVEDA)


  • Helena Wylde Swiny: The Kyrenia Ship: A Tale of Two Ships
  • Yochai Palkzur, Deborah Cvikel: Sailing the Ma‘agan Mikhael II Replica Ship.
  • Işil Özsait-Kocabaş: Reconstruction of the Byzantine Shipwreck Yenikapı 12.
  • Vibeke Bischoff: The Oseberg Ship: Reflections on the Choice of Methodology for Testing Experimental Archaeological Reconstructions.
  • Martin Rodevad Dael, Tríona Sørensen: The Skuldelev 3 Reconstruction, Roar Ege: From Reconstruction to Retirement.


10h30-11h: Coffee Break


15.   Session: Research Methods (11h-12h30, Chairwoman: Deborah CVIKEL)


  • Peter Clark: The Dover Bronze Age Boat: Re-assessment and Reconstruction 2005 – 2018.
  • Elisa Costa, Carlo Beltrame: The 5th-Century-AD Riverine Boat of Santa Maria in Padovetere: Reconstruction of its 3D Shape and of its Context.
  • Paweł Litwinienko, Janusz Różycki: An Attempt to Create a Digital Reconstruction of the Puck 2 Wreck Hull.
  • Pat Tanner, Mike Belasus: The Bremen-Cog: Reconstructed One More Time.
  • Lin Cecilie Hobberstad, Sarah Fawsitt: Can Computational Fluid Dynamics Take Our Understanding of Archaeological Ship Finds Further?
  • Thomas Van Damme: Mass Documentation of Archaeological Ship Timbers: Introducing a Novel, Time-Efficient Approach.


12h30-14h30: Lunch Break


16.   Session: Asian Studies (14h30-16h, Chairwoman: Lucy BLUE)


  • Pierre-Yves Manguin: The Assemblage of Hulls in the Southeast Asian Shipbuilding Tradition: From Lashings to Dowels, Identification and Evolution.
  • Abhirada Pook Komoot: Structural Analysis of the 9th-Century Phanom-Surin Shipwreck in Thailand: Reflections on Early Excavation Results.
  • Damien Peladan: The Evolution of Shipbuilding in Medieval Korea.


16h-16h30: Coffee Break


17.   Session: Asian Studies (16h30-17h30, Chairman: Pierre-Yves MANGUIN)


  • Qiu Dandan: Wrecks from the Grand Canal in China: The Evolution of Canal Transport Between the 7th and 12th Century AD.
  • Sarah Ward: Chinese Whispers: The Effect of Ming Maritime Policy on East Asian Shipbuilding Tradition.
  • Paola Calanca: Chinese Sails and Rigging through Étienne Sigaut’s Documents.



17h30: Closing Keynote : Dr. Fred HOCKER


19h-21h: Visit of the History Museum of Marseilles.
Welcome Speech of Fabrice Denise, Director of MHM, and Reception.


Saturday 27 October

(Bay of Marseille)


OPTIONAL (special registration): Navigation on Gyptis Replica and/or traditional boats from Marseilles and its region.

Posters and film will be announced soon.